WAMH Concert: Awk-Pop Spectacular!

Join WAMH and four fantastic bands for a night of live music this Saturday (9/25)! The show will start at 9 PM in Marsh Ballroom (81 Lessey Street, on Amherst campus). Free show, with a suggested donation of $5 (or, at the very least, buy a cool button). WAMH will be there. Crazy Nick will be there. Will you be there?

Awk-pop pioneers, Northampton’s Bunny’s a Swine

Surf rock meets girl pop with Boston’s You Can Be a Wesley

Northampton’s premiere nerd-synth dance troupe, Tasha Yar

..and of Marsh Coffee Haus fame, Badger Fyre Protection

*Generously brought to you by Student Activities*

One thought on “WAMH Concert: Awk-Pop Spectacular!

  1. A

    Oh, wow! This will certainly be better than that Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and Come triple-bill from 1995! Someone should convince Victor Canto to skip that “Colloquium on the American” founding nonsense and come party at Marsh. I bet that dude is reckless.

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