The Triple Digit Club

By Bob Neel

A recent discussion with some of my fellow WAMH DJs led me to sift through the most played songs in my music library. I have 38 songs that have been played at least 100 times. It’s a pretty exclusive club. However, once you filter out my two favorite study albums, George Winston’s December and the complete Soundtrack to the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, I am left with 13 elite songs that have reached the Triple Digit Club (or the TDC). Unfortunately, the list is pretty embarrassing. Many of the songs are marred by certain musical phases in my life or gained most of their plays through humiliating avenues. Ultimately, most of the songs on the list are not among my enduring favorites. They all got there for a specific and peculiar reason. So, let’s get musically vulnerable:

#13. 3 a.m. by Gregory Allan Isakov. 101 plays.gai

This song’s presence on the list actually wouldn’t be too humiliating if I didn’t know it is one of my go-to angsty songs. A melodic acoustic jam depicting heartbreak and insecurities, this song racked up the plays over the years during some good-ole emotional me time. Mmmmm. So many feelings.


#12. Her Diamonds by Rob Thomas. 102 plays.

Rob Thomas in the TDC? Yikes. It was a phase. In the summer of 2012 I pretty much exclusively listened to my boy Rob and Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. A low point? Maybe. Do I realize that the song came out in 2009? Yes. Do I care? No.

#11. I Think Ur a Contra by Vampire Weekend. 105 plays.contra

I realize this is another angsty and emotional ballad. But have you heard this song?! I feel like it speaks to every two-month disastrous relationship I’ve ever had. And that falsetto? Ezra Koenig is a genius.

#10. Mercy by Dave Matthews Band. 110 plays.

Admit it. You had a Dave Matthews Band phase. Did it come in the 90’s when they released Ants Marching? Probably. Did mine come a year ago? Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. Come at me, bro.

#9. What I Got by Sublime. 114 plays.

I really like playing this song in the car. Nine out of ten times I get into a vehicle I run this track. It’s a problem. But even if you’re not into Sublime’s overall vibe, how can you not get into this effortless jam?

#8. King of Spain by The Tallest Man on Earth. 121 plays.The-Tallest-Man-on-Earth

Whoo! Finally a song that I simply and genuinely enjoy from top to bottom. If you aren’t familiar with The Tallest Man on Earth, go check him out. He’s pretty damn impressive.

#7. One Thing by Finger Eleven. 122 plays.

Aaaaand we’re back on the shy train. Ninth grade Bob shot this sappy ballad to the top of the most played list and it has never looked back. Those bass drum kicks, though. Where did you go Finger Eleven?! Come backkkkk to meeee…

#6. Love on Top by Beyoncé. 124 plays.

Literally everyone likes this song. No exaggeration. No argument.

#5. Ignition Remix by R. Kelly. 136 plays.rkelly

This song came out in 2003. I didn’t get with the R. Kelly program until 2011. Was I 8 years too late? I don’t care; it’s a timeless classic. And I refuse to believe that it will ever get old. Don’t even try. Ever.

#4. 15 by Skizzy Mars. 143 plays.

I mean, I guess it’s a pretty good song, but I actually have no idea how it got this many plays. Baffling.

sound-of-arrows-magic-600x600#3.  Magic by The Sound of Arrows.  148 plays.

I found this poppy, Scandinavian record in the middle of my first semester at Amherst. It was such an overwhelming time in my life that I felt the need to find a song to ground the hectic nature of my surroundings. Thank god for The Sound of Arrows and their incredibly catchy beats.

#2. Fallin’ For You by Colbie Caillat. 158 plays.

This is definitely the most embarrassing member of the TDC. When people see my most played music and ask why the hell I have played a Colbie Caillat song over 150 times, I offer the excuse that I have accidentally fallen asleep to it on repeat a couple of times. Then I realize that in order for that to be true I would have had to have slept almost 11 hours with this song on. Then I realize that I actually like the song.

#1. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. 250 plays.fmlandslide

The number one spot goes to a track that I have played nearly one hundred more times than its runner-up. Perhaps my favorite song of all time, I will listen to it at any time of the day while in any mood. So this spot allocation actually makes a bit of sense. LAWD. So good though. “I took my love, took it down…” Sheer poetry.

What’s your most played song in your library? Do you have an interesting story about your most played music? Send it in to WAMH by email and you could be featured on the WAMH website!