On the Playlist – Milo & Otis, The Joy

Milo and Otis’ debut album, The Joy, released in May of 2012, is a unique example of how soul, pop and spoken word can successfully collide. With exuberantly sassy tracks like Black Sheep and Can’t Stop Now the duo displays a fun and funky style, immediately ready to be played on air. The pair compliments their upbeat tracks with a handful of dramatic songs with slow tempo meant to draw introspective sentiment from the listener (see 1108 Troy Davis). Lead singer and sound machine operator, Milo, possesses a truly symphonic voice that glides easily over her effortless lyrics. Otis adeptly plays a myriad of instruments, however his bass lines are a highlight of The Joy. The product of the two is a wonderful mixture of surprisingly catchy beats, riffs and lyrics. Watch out for Lift Up, a track featuring the up and coming Chance the Rapper and skillfully incorporates hip-hop, pop and soul.

Milo and Otis first met while studying at Brown University in 2006. They moved to Chicago two years ago.

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Bob Neel