On the Playlist – Luce, Fall to Fly

luce_header_f2f_2013_02_09 I have been waiting for the better part of the last decade for Luce to catch on with American pop-rock enthusiasts. With the likes of Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber churning out hit after hit, it only seems reasonable that a major record label will flit their eyes over a band that has been producing some of the most underrated acoustic based music in its genre. Alas, despite my persistent encouragement to everyone I know to listen in, Luce has failed to make it beyond San Francisco’s backyard. However, Luce’s most recent album, Fall to Fly – released February of this year – has proven once again that the men behind Luce are the kings of underappreciated pop. As 2013 winds to a close, I am prepared to indulge the realm of provocative musical hierarchy by tacking the title, “Best Pop/Rock Album” next to Luce’s name.

Fall to Fly is an indie rock dream; clean, but entrancing riffs, skillfully layered vocals and a balanced set list. Lead singer and guitarist Tom Luce’s delightfully smooth voice couples with insatiable grooves that scream for summer breeze and light hearts. The album’s feel-good beats and dramatic ballads alike possess a full-bodied sound that can be served with friends or in solitude. With rhythmic patterns accompanied by romantic lyrics that highlight the intrinsic joys in life, Luce provides an album that exudes pleasant vibes. As it should be, Luce does not place too much onus on the listener to work to engage with the music. Rather the band reaches out from inside each track to greet the listener. It’s music that makes you happy. It’s music that touches the key tenets of what pop-rock should embody: catchy, confident and melodic. How can you dislike that?

As the years pass, I will continue to wait for Luce’s popularity to cross the California border and extend eastward. Until then, take a listen to Fall to Fly – trust me.

Key Tracks:
Safe and Sound
Many Miles Away
Something Came Around

Other Key Tracks:
Song – Album
The Sweetest Smile – Never Ending
Corner of the World – Corner of the World
Bug a Dog – Never Ending
Good Day – Luce

Luce was formed in 2002 by front man Tom Luce in San Fransisco, CA. Adam Rossi -Keyboards, Dylan Brock – Guitar, Brian Zalewski – Drums, Alex Cordrey – Bass.

Check them out at: http://www.luceband.com

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Bob Neel