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By phone: The WAMH office hours of operation are Sunday 8-9pm and Thursday 11:30-1pm. Please call us at 413.542.2224.
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Labels & Musicans

Please send all music submissions to the address listed below. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept digital submissions. Our address is:

AC #2292 Keefe Campus Center
Amherst College
Amherst, MA 01002

Email us for more information.

WAMH Executive Board 2015
General Manager Julia Vlock
Program Director Gaby Mayer
Primary Music Directors Kiana Cardwell & Elias Schultz
Chief Engineer Dan Correia
Secondary Engineer Connor Bottum
Event Coordinator Lindon Chen & Brian Zayatz
Publicity Entire WAMH Team
Executive Manager Bob Neel
Chief Operator Brian Zayatz