Concerts of Epic Proportions

If you’re in the Valley this Friday, April 16th, you’re in for a treat: WAMH is hosting a Concert of Epic Proportions at Marsh, the arts house of Amherst College. The concert is FREE (donations more than welcome) and open to the public. The lineup is STACKED, too:

Tashtego (favorite sons of Amherst)
Bunny’s a Swine

MiniBoone (new album! “Big Changes”!)

Once again, the important details:

Friday, April 16th
9pm to 12am
Marsh House (81 Lessey Street)

FREE Admission

WAMH has another big event (ending) this Friday – official WAMH t-shirts are on sale! You can order as many shirts as you want – for you, your family, friends, your hipster cats, your significant other that might be into manatees just a little too much, etc. – and you can do all that ordering online!

So, why the manatees? You know how you can buy a star? Or adopt a mile of our fine interstate highway system? This semester, WAMH decided to adopt a manatee. The first non-humanoid member of the WAMH family (I was tempted to say second, but our inflatable snowman would surely take offense to being called inhumanoid) is our newly-adopted manatee, Crazy Nick. Nick earned his moniker one year when he decided to swim north for winter instead of south with the rest of his manatee friends. Exhibiting a combination of counterculture and confusion, Crazy Nick is an apt representation of the spirit of WAMH. Plus, the shirts are supersoft/comfy and this particular shade of lavendar is as easy on the eyes as WAMH is aurally pleasing. (Crazy Nick plushies forthcoming.)

PS – If, this Friday, instead of finding yourself around Amherst and wanting to go to a FREE CONCERT or buy a DOZEN-DOLLAR SHIRT, you find yourself around Dublin and wanting to spend 78 Euros on a concert ticket and upwards of 40 more big E’s on a tux “hire,” you’re also in luck! Swing by Trinity Ball and check out Dizzee Rascal and friends (they’re no Tashtego and friends). Cans at my place before the show!


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One thought on “Concerts of Epic Proportions

  1. I’m an Amherst grad. I absolutely had the time of my life. This concert was great. I hope to attend more of these in the future. Thanks for being the greatest college.

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