About WAMH

WAMH is a full-fledged college radio & media station owned by Amherst College and operated in Amherst’s Keefe Campus Center entirely by students. It broadcasts on 89.3 FM locally in the Pioneer Valley, and world-wide through Mixlr.

Radio shows hosted by students and locals play throughout the day. The station primarily plays music, especially indie and alternative (college) rock, although hip hop and jazz shows are popular as well. Shows are typically two hours long and run through-out the school-year.

The process of acquiring a show is very straightforward: sit in on two shows for training. Additional training is available during Office Hours or from the Program Director. A DJ Manual is also read to understand protocol and certain procedures. After training is complete, a Pre-J Show (a trial show) is done on Saturday sometime between 2-4 p.m. as well as a test that is on the content of the DJ Manual. After a successful Pre-J Show and DJ Test, you are now an official DJ and can fill out a Show Request Form for your show!

There are other opportunities to get involved with WAMH besides having a show. There is music writing on our website, bringing in artists for concerts and performances (recent performers include Joey Bada$$, Logic, Blood Diamonds and Marissa Nadler), DJ mixing, administrative job experience with the Executive Board (E-Board), and sound and broadcast engineering.

More information about WAMH, including our broadcast license and equal-opportunity employment information can be found in our studio in Amherst College’s Keefe Campus Center during regular business hours by contacting the Dean of Student Activities or during WAMH Office Hours Sunday 4-5 and Wednesday 4-6 (subject to change).

You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.